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All injection moulds are designed in our technical department and made in our in-house tool shop.

With our knowledge, we help customers make their wishes reality and give shape to their ideas.

We also understand that our customers may need quality advice on the design of their plastic parts if they are unfamiliar with the process. All of our CAD design support services are free to our customers when they purchase their custom parts from us. We have capabilities to make 3D files from even the simplest of 2D drawings. 


In order to ensure the fitting and the function of the finished product we are offering different types of prototypes in various materials, such PA, POM, ABS, TPU and many more 

Parts can be 3D printed for a quick visual- and dimensional check, or cnc-machined for a more precised check incl. durability testing.



We can offer detailled DFM (Design For Manufacturing Reports) and MFA (Mold Flow Analysis), if required.

  • DFM includes:

    • Draft angles and thickness analysis

    • Information about the mold- construction and materials

    • Analysis of the parting lines

    • Information about the ejection- and injection locations

  • MFA includes:

    • Analysis of the feed- and cooling system

    • Analysis of the shrinkage and deflection

    • Information about the filling time and temperature

    • Detection of possible air traps and weld line

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Once the mold design and construction is finalized, it’s time for the creation of the tool.

This is made by our tool designer in our in-house mold shop.

We are using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

CNC machining uses computers to control the tools so it can make complex molds with accurate details in less time than standard machining.

EDM applies a voltage between tool and mold that causes spark erosion of the mold surface.

The tool is built to the specification of the design and then tested at our injection department.



After the mold is done and the plastic part has been confirmed, we will apply the requested surface finishing by sand blasting (matte surface), polishing (shiny surface) or etching (for customized mold texture)

You can choose from around 500 different mold textures. 

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After the surface treatment has been completed the mold is assembled and put on one of our 15 machines for injection 

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