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Established in 1989, Key Link International Co. ,Ltd. in Taiwan started with the development of shoes and raw material sourcing for several ADIDAS shoes factories. 

In 1994, Key Link started to focus on the production on the snowboard boots for customers like DEELUXE, FLOW, INTERSPORT, ATOMIC and NIDECKER.

In the same year, the R&D center was moved from Taichung in Taiwan to Guangzhou in China. 

In 1999 Key Link started to operate its own upper stitching factory and 4 years later another factory for boots liners followed.

In 2008 the 2 factories were combined into one shoe factory under the name of Her Sheng Footwear Co., Ltd.    Today Her Sheng employs around 450 people and is specialized in production of snowboard boots, ski liners and outdoor footwear for brands like HEAD, DEELUXE and DACHSTEIN.

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